A Digital Ecosystem is a modern collaboration between tools, a marketing stack of sorts, to prime your business to grow and scale.

I’ve talked to many business owners that, through a variety of phrases, echo the same sentiment: “An inability to reverse declining revenue”.

Revenue is one of the symptoms but never the cause of this frustration. It comes down to acquiring customers. …

Slow and declining revenue is the outcome of not knowing how to organize actions around today’s buyer.

What is the problem?

Revenue has been flat. Sales are down. One of the biggest accounts moved to a competitor. Profitability is moving in the wrong direction.

There seems to be plenty of leads, but fewer are converting to real opportunities — more and more are circling the sales funnel, but they’re not dropping…

Ben Wordell

Founder at Wordell — Modernizing the B2B Revenue Roadmap Through Digital Ecosystems

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